Oxygen Attributes

Key Features

Easy to use attributes manager
Use dynamic data in attributes
Add missing CSS properties
Create advanced field types
Add attributes to many elements
Organize fields with conditions

Usage of Custom Attributes

The ability to add custom HTML attributes for elements or tags is essential in creating a standardized theme or website today. It is useful and necessary for setting up advanced HTML markup required by some JS plugins for galleries, scrolling effects, parallax, light-boxes, modals, and many more advanced features

A Plan For Everyone

All the prices are for lifetime licenses which entitles you to unlimited support and updates


1 website
Lifetime Updates
Lifetime Support


5 websites
Lifetime Updates
Lifetime Support
when you start a 7-Day trial period for this plugin, the licensing system will create a subscription which will be paid after 7 days and then canceled automatically, so there is nothing to worry about, all the above plans are for lifetime usage.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, you're more than welcome to get full refund!
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Example Use Cases

Track Events with Google Analytics and Data Attributes

The Google Analytics service offer page view events tracking automatically whenever a visitor loads a page, this data may be enough for most users, but knowing how many users clicked a specific element in the page can give you more insights about the performance of your content

Create a Lightbox in Oxygen Builder With Fancybox

Oxygen offers many basic elements and some combined helpers to help you create advanced layout functionalities, like the sliders and modals, but to create dynamic modals or lightbox, we need to use a third JS library like Fancybox or Lightbox2, check out how to do it the proper way!