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Track Events with Google Analytics and Data Attributes

The Google Analytics service offer page view events tracking automatically whenever a visitor loads a page, this data may be enough for most users, but knowing how many users clicked a specific element in the page can give you more insights about the performance of your content

Create a Lightbox in Oxygen Builder With Fancybox

Oxygen offers many basic elements and some combined helpers to help you create advanced layout functionalities, like the sliders and modals, but to create dynamic modals or lightbox, we need to use a third JS library like Fancybox or Lightbox2, check out how to do it the proper way!

How To Add Tooltips to Elements in Oxygen Builder

Tooltips are considered to be a good user experience enhancement, which can allow the visitors to learn more information about clickable elements like buttons and links, see how you can easily manage these tooltips using the Oxygen Attributes add-on.